Joy Village is so much more than just another charity vision. It is a family. Intentionally built to create a family environment for widows, orphans, single parents, and very lonely people. We set up Joy Village for a vision in mind but how its developed has certainly surpassed our dream. Watching children of different cultures playing so freely and with such love towards each other, grieving widows smiling again, young men with no employment and little hope find a place they call home and a real sense of belonging. It really is a village full of Joy. 

These days of small beginnings have opened our minds to the bigger picture. It has inspired us as a team and poured fresh fuel on the fire of our hearts. We have laughed and cried together and with our new family of Malawians. The overriding emotion is most definitely joy. The constant laughter of children can be heard all across the village and many are turning up at our gates wanting to be involved. This really is a place of hope and purpose. It is simply easy to commit our lives to this charity work and the ongoing vision despite the many challenges we face every day. The love, joy, belonging, family feel and deep sense of purpose makes it all worthwhile. 

We have set up a small but growing farming business to employ local men, we have started business training and personal development training for those who had lost hope and they are thriving. We have so much more in our hearts to do here and so we invite you to partner with us, visit us, help us to help them. What started as a vision about 'them' has evolved into a vision about 'us' for we have found out more about ourselves as a family and a team along the way. It has bettered us as people, it has challenged our thinking and our pride, it has changed us beyond description. 


74% of the population in Malawi live under the poverty line of $1.90 a day.

1/3 of the rural population earns money through farming or fishing. If there is a drought, this seriously effects the families who are already struggling. and this affects the whole economy.

Disease is a real struggle for the people here in Malawi, when a family member gets sick this usually means they have to sell belongings, withdraw school payments or cut back on food consumption which leads to further poverty.

Hands Holding Wooden Plate
Hands Holding Wooden Plate

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