All Good Things are Wild and Free 03

Hey Strangers!

I realise its been a while! sorry about that! I kept intending to do another blog but something always got in the way! as usual...

So I have 2 months to catch you up on. Crazy!

Its been a busy few months and we have seen amazing growth during this weird time in the world! 'Rona has actually been pretty good to us, We have been really blessed by the amount of people giving still and businesses getting behind us, and also a very generous donation from our Landlord meaning we haven't had to pay any rent for the last few months and don't till September. This has meant we have been able to hire a lot more people here at the Village for a few months and really give the building side and farming a real kick start! We have built 3 brick pig pens, a toilet for the guys outside the back, and have started the boundary wall around our land. We have also started to build a shop at the front of the house so that we can sell our produce right outside our house!

The tomatoes have started to come so we have been selling them to the locals as its one of their staples and we still have thousands of plants outside growing, so in a few months we should start to see a real harvest. The beetroot is growing very well and I pickled a load and gave it to the workers here and they LOVED it.... So looks like I'll be pickling beetroot a lot! lol. They had never had it pickled so it was nice to give them something different!

We also have had 2 litters of piglets in the last month. The one we knew was pregnant (Banana) gave birth to 8 and the next day the pig (papaya) we didn't think was pregnant till 2 weeks before gave us 11! It was so exciting! Banana was amazing, she didnt get aggressive with them at all and just got on with the labour and let the piglets suckle straight away. Papaya however was a different story... the night before she broke the pig pen she was in... and was really restless the whole day. I just happened to be up by the pigs with the kids looking at the first lot of piglets when I saw Papaya pop a baby out! I knew that pigs can actually be pretty violent towards the piglets when they are born and can actually kill them (and eat them) and Papaya was not settled at all. I got into the pen and managed to get the piglet before the mum could bite it (which she did actually try to do). We had to keep the piglets separate from her until she was done with labour. Its pretty hard to keep 11 piglets away from a massive pig who could easily bite you too! haha! Anyway she calmed down and the piglets got to have some milk. Unfortunately we lost 2, Papaya sat on one (which also happens often) and one of Bananas got too cold one night we think. :( But the rest are all healthy and happily growing. We already have buyers lined up for the piglets so they should be nice little $$$ makers for us!lol

We still have one more pregnant pig which we bought a month or so ago, so we should have even more soon too! Apparently after the pigs are weaned you can sell them and then the mum can get pregnant almost straight away! We are proper farmers now!

In other news, Malawi has a new president! And its the one everyone wanted, so that's good! hopefully no more riots, Thank the Lord! It was either Peace or civil war that would be the results of the elections so I'm glad it went the right way.

I have been doing a lot of painting recently. I've painted the logos of all our sponsors on the wall outside which was fun. Wasn't sure I could do it well enough but i surprised myself. We have also been painting the house. It was all Magnolia and looking pretty dirty because of the kids hands on the walls so we have freshened it all up and I've been painting accent walls, just to make it more homely! I cant stand magnolia lol! Its slowly but surely getting there.

Its winter here so its actually pretty cold surprisingly. Right now i'm sitting in the living room with a jumper on and my feet are cold! I'm sure it wasn't this cold last year or maybe we are just getting used to the weather here so feel it when its colder! None of the houses here have a heating system so its blankets and thick socks at night!

On a more personal note, I am really missing my keyboard now. Its actually been way over a year since I led worship with a band....cry face. And I'm really missing it. worship here is so different. And even if I did have my keyboard and I could lead worship it would be very different, as they don't know the songs we know etc. To be honest its not just about leading worship with other people.I miss just being able to have worship times on my own. Being able to song write properly, learn new songs etc. It's almost impossible to find a decent keyboard here. So I'm just going to have to wait till we can get home and I can bring it back with me and I have no idea when that will be.

We are still waiting to get our visas, so in the mean time we are here legally on a receipt of payment. Here the immigration officers have road stops and if you're white you are ALWAYS stopped. So this little piece of paper lets us stay in the country. We have no idea when it could be accepted so its just a waiting game.

If there is something you want me to write about in regards to missionary life then please let me know. I want to write about what you want to read about!! There are so many different aspects to life out here so if there is a particular part of it you are interested, then I'll try and do that.

Love you all and hope you're keeping well and sane!

Lydia x

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