All good things are wild and free #4

So it has been a few months again since I've done a blog to update you all on life out here in Malawi, and it has been a busy few months!

We have now been back here for 10 months without going home and in that time we have managed to do so much! Because we have a long term lease with the homeowners here, we are able to basically treat it as if it is ours which is so so good.

Since I last wrote a blog we have continued the security wall around one part of our land out the back which stops the chickens and goats getting in and eating our crops, we have also found a donkey on there once too! We have built an extra room on the side of the house for visitors and one which we can rent out! We have built out the front of the house a grocery store, and in the process of building a salon, cafe and also a place to pump your tyres! Hopefully that will that will start bringing in some money to cover the wages of the people we have here.

We have been trying to grow tomatoes here on a large scale as we were told that would be a good money maker but it has been hard work and we have had to build 5 wells to keep up with the water consumption. Also it has been a hard season weather wise to grow tomatoes as they are fussy plants and its been winter here and it was getting very cold at night and now it is getting to summer which is incredibly hot! Rainy season is about 2 months away though which is when everyone starts farming as it doesn't need so much labour to grow anything. We are thinking to focus on beetroot and they are very hardy veg and also maize in the rainy season.

We now have 41 pigs! We had a few people invest in the business and we were able to buy 22 pigs and build a load of pig pens. So far we have had 3 sets of litters from our original pigs and another one is pregnant and we think 2 of our mumma pigs are pregnant again!

We also had someone buy us some chicks, we got 150, and we are now left with 94 I believe after some dying in the first few hours which is normal and also from some illness which wiped quite a few out but we managed to get it contained before they all caught it. They should start laying in a few months.

I have started the home school year with a new curriculum which I'm loving at the moment. Its called 'The Good and the Beautiful' and so far the kids are enjoying it, especially the science lessons and they like the maths too. I only do 3 lessons a day so just the mornings and that seems to be enough for now. I'm not sure any of us would come out alive if we did much longer at this stage!

Callum came to visit us last month, which was so lovely and so needed! after the flights kept getting cancelled we really didn't know if he would actually get here, but it happened even if they had to land in Zambia and get a coach to the border which was another 8 hours! luckily they managed to get a flight out from Lilongwe so they didn't have to do the return coach trip to Zambia. The kids loved him being here and its not the same without him! He wants to come back at Christmas so hopefully we can make that happen as I don't think we will make it back for Christmas this year. Don't want to be quarantining us all for two weeks with no actual place to be as a family.

We now have a guy called Jesse staying with us and helping with the football team, which is great. And we have had a guy called Paul staying with us too for 6 weeks. and he has been great, raising loads of money for us to finish the security wall and build the businesses out the front. It is always good to have people supporting the vision here. It can get a bit lonely and isolated out here so to have people want to come and support us is so appreciated!

Anyway, that's enough for today! Kids are fighting for my attention!

Thanks for reading! xxx

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