All good things are Wild & free

Hey there!

For a while now I Have been wanting to do some writing, but was struggling to find something to write about, then I thought maybe people would like to hear about the day to day life of a missionary family in Africa?!

I have called it Wild & Free because in 2016 we were at Davids Tent (if you have never been, you need to, its incredible!) and someone had a word for us, that they saw us being wild and free and that it by us being wild and free would produce much fruit. That same weekend Rob was looking at the artists paintings that were at the front of the tent and one caught his eye. He went up to the guy and started chatting to him. It was a beautiful picture of a wild horse and it had taken him 2 years to complete and was waiting for the right person to have it. He said he had the words 'wild & free' for this painting. So of course it was meant for us! So we bought it and took it home with us and that word of being wild and free has stuck with me since. And here we are with a Wild & Free blog! yay!

It is also a way of getting me back into the swing of journaling. I used to be a BIG journaler, filling notebooks upon notebooks of pretty pages of my thoughts and ramblings. But since being married and having Kids and everything that comes with that, I haven't done it, and I miss it. But I have also been struggling with finding stuff to put in the journals...I have found myself numbing out...

I was recently listening to a podcast called the Connected Life with Justin and Abbi Stumvoll and they just happened to mention about the Enneagram, The Enneagram refers to the nine different types or styles, with each representing a worldview and archetype that resonates with the way people think, feel and act in relation to the world, others and themselves. So I thought that I would go and see what type I was! I was so surprised after I had taken the questionaire how accurate it was. It had me down to a T and I finally had some answers for some of the things I had been so frustrated with myself about. Basically I am a type 9, which is also known as the 'peacemaker'. If any one you know me well, you know I HATE confrontation. It makes me sick, I will avoid it at all costs. This is because the main motivation of a type 9 is to keep their inner peace. However it also means that they focus their energy on everyone else around them, navigating how others are feeling and can easily 'fall asleep' to their selves and their desires and their wants. This is what I have done I think for a long time, without even realising it. I say this because this is just one of the ways I can begin to reconnect myself to myself if that makes sense, writing down my thoughts and my feelings. Even if no one actually reads these blogs, hopefully its going to help me! ha!

I'm also going to be writing about the day to day life here at Joy Village. This is such an odd time at the moment. The rest of the world on social media has been dealing with COVID-19, Malawi has only really just started to deal with it. We had our first confirmed cases on the 3rd April and its been slowly rising. Supermarkets are trying to impose social distancing but it doesn't really seem to be working, It is almost impossible for the people here to social distance or bulk buy incase of a lock down. Its day to day living so we are just praying that it will not spread like it has done in other countries. The government did announce a lock down, that would last 3 weeks which was meant to start on Saturday but the high court went against it and postponed it for another 7 days as they want the government to think more about the logistics of the lock down and how it would work best here.

We now have 5 of our volunteers who work here living on our compound for the duration on the lock down and we are feeding them and we have also managed to get mattresses and blankets and nets for them all. We have been super blessed the last few weeks with people donating, and its been amazing that even in these uncertain times people are still willing to give. One of the boys had malaria this week and was very unwell so we managed to get him to a local clinic and pay the equivalent of £5 to get him medicine. The medicine works so fast, so he should be OK within the next day or so. No day is the same, with the power going off for 6 hours a day, and we never know when! lol The farming is going well, and hopefully that will begin to bring in some more income for the village. Rob is out and about most days (until lock down) getting chemicals or supplies for the farming or whatever else is an immediate need at the time. I am almost daily treating people for small cuts that need a clean and a plaster, quite often they would leave these cuts and they would get infected because of the water they use to clean themselves. Something that is so treatable becomes so much worse!

Any way that's enough for today! Ill try and do one every few days or so and add some pictures etc!

If you've got this far, thank you! lol hope I haven't bored you!

Talk to ya laters y'all!

Lydia x

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