All good things are Wild & Free 02

Hey lovelies,

Its that time again where I put all my thoughts on paper as to speak and you guys get access to life at Joy Village and into 'Lydia's world' as its been called in the past! lol

So on village side of things its been an interesting week. I think we have had at least 4 visits to the local clinic 2 for Rob himself and 2 others for other people. Rob had a chest infection for a long time and it just wasn't shifting (very awkward when out and he would start to cough a lot lol) so he went and got 2 big shots of something and some more antibiotics, on the same day Manni badly cut his head on the rabbit hutch, although it bled a lot he was ok and luckily didn't need any stitches! Next was Rob again but this time with a bad back. Were not sure how he has done it but he has been in alot of pain for a few days so he went and had another shot of something, (they like injections here!) and got some pain relief which doesn't seem to have done much really. Trying to get him to rest is almost impossible too! haha! The next trip was for our night security guard, Godfrey. He came and asked if he could go home as he had a fever but Rob thought we should probably take him to the clinic as it seemed like Malaria. And it was! The doctor said he should have a few days off which of course we agreed he should but he was like ' no! I like my job too much!' lol he did have last night off so not sure if he will come tonight or not! He is a very hardworking guy! Lastly was the local drunk guy across the road in the village. He is actually one of our lovely workers brother and is a bit of a toe rag. We have tried to reach out to him many times but to no avail. Anyway he came up to Rob yesterday and asked for help. Basically 3 days ago he was drunk and went up to some locals and told them that he would burn down their house... and they came out with a metal stick and preceeded to beat him up badly which ended up with him with a badly broken arm. Here if you go to the hospital with an injury like that without an official police report you wont get treated and obviously Lester (the guy) did not want a police report as it was his fault it all happened anyway! So he couldn't go to the hospital for the proper treatment and he was in a lot of pain. We decided to take him to the clinic and at least get him seen by someone who could give him some pain meds. They told him he needs an x-ray but it would have to be done privately, which we cant afford to pay for him. So hopefully his dad can help him out and get that sorted!! so much drama! lol

In other news, The pigs have a new play area with lots of mud! so they are super happy and excited, we have one who is very pregnant so that's exciting, cant wait for little piglets running around. Our biggest pig we are going to have to sell her sadly as she is just not coming on heat or getting pregnant so she is basically just eating all our food. And our little one is actually very ready to meet a male pig!haha! so we will get a smallish boy piggy piggy to do the jiggy jiggy and get her up the duff so to speak. She is my favourite one so that's exciting!

We have planted ALOT of tomatoes and the guys are working hard to get them producing us some lovely toms that we can sell. We are also going to be planting sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes too. Beetroot seems to grow really well here too, so ill have to learn how to pickle! We have a section in the garden which is vegetables for us personally and for the others here at Joy Village. So we grow Chinese cabbage, Mustard spinach, Rape, Lettuce, sweetcorn, peppers, cucumbers, beetroot, carrots, peas, watermelon, aubergine, leeks, and we also have a papaya tree, lemon tree, mulberry bush, avocado tree, guava trees, banana plants, orange tree, mango trees, also some hot peppers! so so much! when we first moved here almost a year ago and we were looking for a house, i really wanted a garden with lots of fruit trees and I certainly got that!

I am also obsessed with looking at pinterest at the moment and getting ideas for DIY stuff I can make for the house. We have so much wood in the garden from clearing the back for farming that we have plenty of wood I can use, so Rob got me a drill and a saw so I can start making some things and getting my creative juices flowing! There is so much potential in our house its exciting!

We also have been trying to sort out our Visas. So in Malawi when you arrive you may $50 and thats for 30 days and then you have to go and pay 10,000mkw (£10) per month for the next 2 months. After that you either need to leave the country or get a Temporary Resident permit which is for 6 months and $150 each or you pay $2000 to get a temporary employment permit which is for 2 years and you only need one person to get that visa for the family. So in our case, Rob gets the visa and we are just here with him. But obviously you need to an actual Malawian company to say they want to employ you. And you need a police check and medical check etc. All of which we managed to get miraculously! So we have paid the $100 process fee and hopefully that gets approved, we just need to get the $2000 dollars now lol. In the meantime we need to avoid all the immigration road blogs lol which just happens to be on our road! ha! We can just show the receipt of the TEP process fee which should be fine but we haven't actually had to test it out yet!

I love life here, it is so much slower, yet you feel like you are actually achieving something positive. The kids adore it too and spend the majority of their time outside. The schools here are all shut and no homeschooling in place so it is very hard to try and get my kids to sit down and do some school work as no one around them is! But I really do need to get back into the flow of it again. I'm so bad at sticking to something if i've had a few weeks off! Apphia is doing really well, and catches on so quick so things but she has always been like that, where as Manni has a little more difficulty so its quite hard to teach them both at the same time as I don't want Manni to think that hes not good enough, because he already struggles with confidence in learning which is part of why he struggles so much.

I am also loving learning how to bake bread! So far I have done cinnamon and raisin bread, normal bread, sourdough and Turkish flat bread which the kids adored! It smelt so good and tasted like Turkey or Greece! so so good!

OH and I'm missing my badly! *cry face* I cant wait to get one. My living room is so perfect for a mini grand or something so if someone wants to get one shipped out to me that would be fab! Thanks in Advance lol!

Anyway that's me out for this week.

LOve you all, and thank you for reading my ramblings!

Lydia xx

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