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Welcome to Joy Village!


Lydia here, I thought it might be good to have a blog on the website so you can hear some of the daily things that happen here. (I do not have the mental capacity for this to be a daily thing but maybe bi weekly or something!) Rob is brilliant on instagram if you want to keep up, but I guess this way you can see another view!

We are very excited for this year and for what God going to do. We have already had a womens conference, which went really well. 60 women turned up, with babies in tow to hear from us. They were hungry to learn and it was a pleasure to encourage them to rise up and take their place and to speak life over their children and their situations. We even had a few women healed and delivered which is awesome!

We are currently fundraising for our multi-purpose building, which some builders are coming at the end of March from the UK to help us build it. We are over half way which is super exciting! If you fancy donating towards that feel free!


I'll finish for now, as the kids are hungry!

see you soon



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