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The Vow is the main driving force behind our Social reformation department. VOW stands for VULNERABLE,  ORPHANED AND WIDOWED and as a charity we are committed to and passionate about reaching the people in the community around us.

The area we are based is very poor. Children are going without food, proper education and are often victims of rape, witchcraft and abuse. Men are sleeping with girls and getting them pregnant then leaving them to raise the children by themselves. We have mothers abandoning their families to go into the sex trade as they believe that is their only option and either leaving the children either with no parents or a father who doesn't have the skills to raise them on their own. There are many women who are single parents/ widowed or divorced and just do not have the tools they need to support their families. They do not have adequate access to reasonable health care and often suffer because of this. There is so much that needs to change!

In March 2022 our good friends at BBK brickwork Contractors came out and helped fundraise and build our multipurpose building that we called 'Hope House'. It is where almost everything happens on a daily basis so we are so grateful to them for helping us build this for the community so we can serve them better! We also recently had some friends from Norway come and really invest in the Breakfast Club children, transforming the inside of Hope House. We love it when people catch the heart of why we are here. It means we are not alone! So thank you!


Breakfast Club

Reaching the poorest kids in the area, giving them a hot meal  6 days a week, when finances allow. For this project it was important to work closely with the chief of the village and the parents. So the mothers run it with the help of one of our leaders and that way we are giving them a hand up not just a hand out. We have planted a lot of fruit trees so we can provide them with good nutrition. We have testimony from the families that they have noticed a difference in their children from getting better nutrition in their bodies. We would love to be able to reach more children and expand into different villages. But we need your help for that! ​It costs us around £300 a month to feed these kids and we are often falling short. We need regular monthly donations to keep it running smoothly as we know this club is a lifeline to these families. If you feel this is something you can help with, visit our donation page!

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Ending child marriage, rape and domestic violence

This is a project that is in the very early stages of development. We are in the process of becoming a registered NGO in Malawi. We just need the finances for the lawyers to complete the process. Once this is in place we have the backing of the Minister of Child welfare and the police to make arrests and really make a difference. Until then all we do for these children is not 'official' and the government cant help us.  

Until then we will make sure we do all we can so these young girls and women get the justice and the help they deserve. 


Currently costs for this is mainly fuel costs to reach the families and travelling to court. But more especially the cost for the lawyers to become a registered NGO in Malawi which is around £500. We would love to be able to support the families more by helping them set up small businesses to support their family as a lot of these issues stem from the desperate poverty they are living in. 

If you feel you can help us with these issues in anyway click on our donation page!

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VOW Houses

We are in the middle of building our very first VOW house just outside our compound at Joy Village. The vision for this is to provide a safe and water tight living space for families considered vulnerable. We are almost done but it still needs an injection of cash to get it done! We have a Go Fund Me page that is running to help us reach our goal of £10,000. This will help us complete this house and start building the next one! Click here to take you straight to the Go fund me page. If you don't have the money now you can also help by sharing it on your own social media pages and spreading the word! Every little helps! 

Breakfast club getting oranges!
training leaders
handing out blankets in winter
womens conference
certificate time for our Abusas
Breakfast club
breakfast club
breakfast club
breakfast club
breakfast club
breakfast club
breakfast club
breakfast club
Samu, Abelo, Jireh, Manni
Jireh & Abelo
David & Samara
Breakfast club meeting
Rob & Abraham
Start of the 1st Vow House
Mpingu Grace House
Rob & Abusa Cynos with Police
Joy Village
Training and Equipping leaders
Eunice. Rape victim.
Breakfast club
BBK building Hope House
BBK building Hope House
BBK Building Hope House
Joy village kids
Rob and elderly woman
Womens conference 2022
Eunice and her family
Blankets for Eunice's family
Hope House being used
Eunice and her sister
Breakfast club
breakfast club
Hope House
Dolitso and his family
Breakfast club, school time
breakfast club
Building Hope House
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