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Our training school, to train and equip local leaders. Our life verse is 2 Tim 2:2 which says " And the instructions which you have heard from me along with many witnesses, transmit and entrust  to reliable and faithful men who will be competent and qualified to teach others also"

We want to raise leaders up who will go into their place of ministry (whether thats in their family, workplace, or platform) and be ready and equipped to lead others. we train them in worship, the gifts of the spirit, biblical foundations, also practical training by working with 'Farming Gods way".  We do online for those who want to join in from abroad and those locally come to the house.

We need to build a multi purpose building that can be the classroom so we can make it separate from the house.


grace house church

​Our local expression of Church. We currently meet at the house to worship and pray together. We have released 2 of our faithful leaders as pastors. We really believe in the blend of cultures. We want them to feel at home as much as we want to too and we strongly believe in taking the good from both cultures and making it  reality in Grace House Church. We want people to experience a true relationship with Jesus for themselves. Not just going to church through religious duty. 



Breakfast Club

Reaching the poorest kids in the area, giving them a hot meal  6 days a week. For this project it was important to work closely with the chief of the village and the parents. So the mothers run it with the help of one of our leaders and that way we are giving them a hand up not just a hand out. We have planted a lot of fruit trees so we can provide them with good nutrition. We have testimony from the families that they have noticed a difference in their children from getting better nutrition in their bodies. We would love to be able to reach more children and expand into different villages. But we need your help for that! ​

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ending child marriage 

This is a project that is in the very early stages of development. We have been given permission to arrest the men and rescue the girls from underage marriages. We have managed to help 2 girls so far, but we really need a car to get to the villages where these girls are, we need a building to house these girls once they are rescued as they often were married off by their parents so they cannot go back to their families. And we need to find policemen we can trust who will properly charge the men involved and not take a bribe and release the men.