Here at Joy Village we are offering a very unique experience. If you have ever thought about offering your time and skills to help develop a charity reaching out to some of the worlds poorest people then look no further. 


Situated just outside the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi Africa Joy Village can be found at the center of a desperately poor yet somewhat developing region. On the road to Zambia you could also cross the border in less than 1.5 hours. 


Whether your desire is to be fully hands on and help build, farm, or work alongside the local children, or, simply to enjoy the stunning gardens and tranquil surroundings we can tailor a special trip designed to suit your every desire. Compared to most lodges and hotels in the town Joy Village is extremely peaceful. We have a very secure house with fully equipped bedrooms and fully functional kitchen and living areas. 3 separate bathrooms and a constant supply of cold and hot water. A rarity in this part of the world. However, in literary 100 yards from our gates you can step into the lives of local villagers all desperately trying to survive. 


This trip will offer you a personal and unique experience we are convinced you’ll never forget. Feeding programs supporting local widows and orphans, incredibly fun children’s activities (so feel free to bring your children too) a trip to Lake Malawi to enjoy wonderful local food and to relax whilst absorbing all the creative ways these precious people have learnt to support themselves. 


Learnt to cook local food the local way from one of our own staff members, try your hand at pig farming, or just bring a few books and put your feet up in one of our ‘quiet areas’ designed with rest and recovery in mind. 


You may fancy a trip to a Safari or wildlife park, jump in the back of a truck and explore the largely unreached areas or just sit under a tree with a freshly cooked English breakfast… We love to tailor each trip to suit you and your personality perfectly. 


We welcome any type of support, so if you feel that you could host a fundraiser on our behalf, please get in contact with us on our contact page and we can start planning with you! 

You could also create a fundraiser for us through just giving, and share on your social media platforms!