Testimonies from Joy village


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Hi, I am Charles Serenje from Malawi. I was once hopeless but now am having hope because of Rob Joy and Lydia Joy. Meeting this family is something so special in my life. What kind of family is this? A family with peace, love and joy I have never met before.

I was jobless, no good place to live, not having enough money to pay rent, and no food at all times. But God send this family to me and they employed me. As I am talking now, I am a free man, not worrying about food, shelter, money and all that I need in my life including clothes, All of this just because I am living at Joy Village where this family is belonging.

They do help me in everything I want as I explained above. Not only helping in monthly payments but all the times that I am in need.

May God bless this family and give them a long life and also give them more so that they can spread to many people.

Hi, my name is Edson Jeremiah, I am hereby to thank God for bringing Rob and Lydia Joy to Malawi. I am feeling very happy because I am living at Joy Village as an employed man. I also say thanks to those who put their hands to Joy Village and that they may stay blessed by God.

Rob Joys family do a lot of things like assisting elders, orphans, widows and they are also assisting my family in many ways like food, house to stay, they also assisted my mother in Mulanje when she was in great pain.

Rob Joys family doesn’t just look at a person when they want to assist they are also assisting us spiritually not just physically.


May God bless Joy family and Joy Village. Thanks.


Hi, I am K. Binwell and I am here to appreciate to my boss Rob Joy and his family for their heart to love people. I am working at Joy Village now since I was not working before. But Rob Joy and Lydia Joy employed me and I am with them now. These people are good, they do help in any time of need. They helped my family with food and they also helped with money to take my daughter to hospital while she was in pain with a wound on her right leg, since then my daughter is now feeling good.  Rob Joys family also helps in giving a good place to live.

May God bless this family and give them more opportunity to continue with what they are doing.




Hi, I am Regina Serenje. Firstly I thank God almighty for making me to find Joy Village. Joy Village helps us in many different ways like a house to stay for free, pays our water bills and electricity just to mention a few. Joy village also support my children very well like give them everything that is needed in everyday life. It also gives us food like maize to eat. 

I am working there, even I get a salary but Joy Village continue to support us, thanks for that. They give us everything as if it is I will not get a salary. May god bless Joy Village. I have not experienced such a life before and in a month everything has changed for my family. I thank God for sending Joy village to Africa especially here in Malawi. And I beg God the almighty to continue to bless Joy village so that they can continue to support people and it can also continue to go bigger and bigger. 


Thank you supporters of Joy Village, God bless you all. Thanks.

My Story:

Korrinto; a skilled motorcycle mechanic, a farmer, a singer and songwriter.

I have always been struggling to earn my personal living and for the well being of my wife and kids. Even giving was difficult and hard a most of the days of the month I could earn little or nothing. Seeking for my families bread was really hard.This affected my spiritual life as I could spend much of my time thinking of my responsibility as a man instead of getting myself in the presence of the Lord. While I was in a dilemma with my situation, the Lord heard me and saw mer and is now supporting me through Storming the Nations with Apostle Rob Joy who has employed me so as to heal my spiritual and economic sickness. All the Glory and honor be to God. Amen.