We are Rob, Lydia, Emmanuel, Apphia and Samara Joy from Bedfordshire in the Uk and are the founders of STN. We are a small charity and have been running on a low level since 2009 in various places. We moved to Lilongwe, Malawi in May 2019 with Kiarna, a dear friend to start our vision at Joy village. We sold all our things from the UK, put all important things in storage and left with just what we could fit in our suitcases. Rob had visited the country a number of times before, and after 3 years it was decided we could make more of a difference actually living in the Malawi. We currently rent an incredible house with approx. 8 acres of land, which we are using  for farming many vegetables and fruit and also pigs. Our desire is for Joy village to become self sustaining (as much as we can) so the charity is not carrying all the weight by itself. The land itself hosts 8 mango trees, 2 lime trees, papaya trees, mulberry bushes, many banana plants, and we have planted ourselves, sweetcorn, tomatoes, watermelon, beans, carrots, onions,  it also has its own water supply!

Our dream is to buy the property so we can start truly investing in the area (Chitedze). Building widow and orphan homes, and a sports area for the local kids. The boys want a football pitch and the girls want a netball pitch! We want to build more guest houses so we can host more people who would like to come over and push on the vision here. We want to build a training school, so we can train the younger generation and start giving them hope that poverty does not define who they are.

Although the charity is small at the moment, the dreams are BIG. And with your support we can make them a reality. Although we are on the front line, you and your support makes this vision happen. Join with us and make a difference to these beautiful people's lives!